It was in 1943 in San Cesario di Lecce, a village of tailors from the Salentino hinterland when Carmelo Vergallo launched the generation of Vergallo tailors. Having taken the needle in his hand out of tradition but also out of passion, his thread unified the whole family from one generation to the next.

Even during the Second World War, when everything seemed destined to be interrupted forever, his sewing machine never stopped working, moving to Galatina in the US base where a tenacious man continued to cut and sew, this time making uniforms for the army.


“These are the scissors that the americans presented to my grandfather, during the second world war.”

Next came the enlightened decision of a father who saw in the city of Varese a future, a workshop and then a real tailor’s shop. This came about one step at a time, with the patience and the expertise of one who knows what he is doing, risking everything. Like the hand that slowly stitches a fabric: one must not rush to see the suit finished, but must first imagine it and then have the patience to create it. From the Salento tradition to Varese tailoring, the journey was long and a lot of experience was gained. With the wisdom of a profession that cannot be abandoned. This is why today Sartoria Vergallo offers a new generation of tailors that have a bright future in front of them.