Preparation, passion and a desire to do the work that you love. Those in the Sartoria Vergallo team have chosen to be here and not elsewhere. Each one of them is different - in their dialect, age and specialisation - but all of them have renounced other jobs and other “careers” because what makes them work with a smile on their faces is precisely this profession. It’s an approach to work that is strange in these times, to give up your “career” in order to do what you like. Yet it is precisely this that binds

the Sartoria Vergallo team and what makes it special. In a very human and peaceful atmosphere, what is normally called productivity in the industry here is called quality. Tailoring is a job done by people, by artisans who share, who teach each other and exchange work, each to his/her skill, without individualism. And they are happy about this. How do you know this? From the fact that when they work, they smile.

“the passion? One of my workers when he was 16 asked for a very special birthday present. Everyone thought it was going to be a moped: he asked for a sewing machine.”