Sartoria Vergallo models are the classic ones of menswear that, however, take on a special charm because of their uniqueness, because they are conceived and designed on and for a person, with all that which they wish to express of themselves. With a very wide choice of fabrics as its starting point, all of the solutions necessary for an elegant man’s wardrobe come about traditionally. From the classic two-piece single breast suit with two or three buttons with side splits and trousers with or without

a turn-up, to the more formal impressive two-piece single breast suit with 6 or 4 buttons. Without forgetting the three-piece suit, furthermore, with the waistcoat made with the same fabric, which represents one of the classic menswear items. The timeless Blazer, the original version of which is normally made double-breasted with 6 gold buttons and utilising a fabric that is decidedly robust and a navy blue colour, is one of the wide range that offers many alternatives.

“the difference between one garment and another?
The person who wears it.
The outfit is an accessory to our personality, not vice-versa.”


The customer in tailoring is like an artist with a blank canvas in front of him. At that moment all of the fabrics, all of the styles, all of the possibilities are his.

Giancarlo Maresca

A sign of a desire for elegance and distinction, also in one’s free time or when one doesn’t have formal work commitments, the sports jackets are offered matched with velvet trousers or soft cotton drill and cashmere for the winter or linen or mixes of cotton and silk for the summer.
Special occasions too, such as gala evenings or weddings, offer the occasion for dinner Jacket, morning dress or morning grey created by expert hands, and try out, therefore, the great versatility of quality tailoring. And for those who wish to experience the coldest seasons without having to hide their elegance, there are also Chesterfield and Ulster coats and dust coats. The models are traditional but the difference is all in Sartoria Vergallo’s craftwork. It’s like the difference between one tailor and another, one hand and another, one man and another. This will never allow the menswear to conform. At least not here.