A man’s suit is sewn with 30.051 stitches and threaded by as many hand movements during 40 hours of work. It is work that starts with taking the measurements carefully, in order to then make the personal sewing pattern of the customer which for every new garment will give life to a new fabric based on his figure. It is work that needs sharp scissors for a precise cut, where the pieces of material to be cut are so many geometries that must be recomposed in perfect harmony: line with line, square with square, thread with thread.

And if a mistake is made, you begin again from the start. For each cut and each piece of needlework, there is a shot of a steam iron, because as our grandmothers used to say "you sew with the iron" and well they know the steam-softened revers, that achieve their roundness also from the quilting of thin layers of canvas, done with such expertise as to seem to be destined more for embroidery than for needlework. But how you make a single stitch is important, we are in the world of craftsmanship and here the hand is fundamental.

“I love the imperfection of tailoring.
It’s the difference that escapes from a world that is too much the same”

The same hand that cuts, sews and stitches pieces of material of infinitesimal as well as large sizes, but which treats everything with the same respect. Time in the Sartoria Vergallo Workshop passes in peace and concentration, to follow with the eye what the mind is creating. Tailoring is an art made of craftsmanship that does not give in to limits of adaptability and patience, that respects the time that the hand needs to rest and that the fabric needs to take form. Tailoring is made of patience and technique, the superior skill of he who makes it destroys it, like the garment, opening it and closing it in the pursuit of the perfect finish: without fear of imperfection. And when a new item of clothing is desired, just call the tailor’s shop and wait for the suit, with the awareness that Gianni is working on it and that every minute that passes sees the birth of a little piece of our suit that, like a son, gets bigger every day, and with the certainty that when it is ready it won’t be just a suit, but our suit.