A large brightly-lit space where everything happens. Here Sartoria Vergallo’s clothes are made and here Gianni Cleopazzo and his team work: each according to his own talent and speciality but together with the others. The background noise is silence, broken by the buzz of the sewing machines, which are strictly old fashioned, and the steam iron that is imposed after each machining. Between a moment of concentration and a friendly exchange of chat, the time always passes very fruitfully, because

the forty hours needed to create an outfit cannot wait. The garments come to life between patterns, fabric cuts, large tables and old chairs, stands and canvass cuts, displays of spools of thread and needles and pins inserted everywhere. This is a real traditional workshop, one of those where technology has no reason to interrupt to make a difference and the simpler the tools are the better. Because everything is made by hand. And at Sartoria Vergallo the hand belongs tosomeone who knows how to work.

“In here something special is happening.
You understand it when you see all of the work being done with a smile on the faces of the workers and the work in their hands.”